Soccer Stadium Essentials: High School, College, and Professional

An assignment during a Master’s program turned into an enjoyable group project (one of the few) with Tasuku Horita, BJ Pheasant, and Brian Tabbert working together to devise  an outline for a stadium audit.

Our journey has taken us to stadiums around the world. There are good soccer stadiums all over the world, as well as, average or bad stadiums, what differences are there between good stadiums and bad stadiums and what makes some stadiums great stadiums? As we researched the factors which distinguish between good and poor we found several elements which are very important for good or great stadiums. The factors primarily use examples of great soccer stadiums in Europe since the information is easiest to find in English.


The Evaluation Criteria was our most important task.  We needed to encompass all the factors that make a stadium enjoyable to play in for the teams and a memorable experience for the fans. We used the following outline that was developed primarily by Tasuku Horita outlining five main areas to be considered when designing, building, or renovating a high school, college, or professional stadium.

Important Factors of Good Stadiums

Easy Views

  • Angle of seats (steep angle is more eye-friendly but dangerous)
  • Distance from the ground (with our without track)
  • Columns of the stadium (disturb sights of fans)


  • Roof, Seats, direction boards, bathrooms, ticket services, goods shops, food services, restaurants
  • Barrier-free services, elevators, escalators
  • Smoking areas


  • Distance from city (accessibility)
  • Parking spaces
  • Public transportations (train, bus, etc…)


  • Design of Stadiums
  • Number of gate way ( structure avoiding congestion)
  • Security (fire, earthquake, terrorist, etc…)


  • Security guards ( Baggage inspection, security activities in stadiums)
  • Stadium guides
  • Vendors


  • History
  • Tradition
  • Entertainment (music, visual, events)


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