02 Dec

Interesting perspective on Qatar

Someone like to tell it like they see it and not hold back punches.

This Blog can say with complete confidence that, as far as your basic repressive, oil-sodden, anti-democratic, hereditary oligarchies go, Qatar isn’t the worst of them. Still, it says something about the corrupt old buffet-grazers at FIFA that this particular flea-bitten gas station was chosen to host the 2022 World Cup over the United States. Some things about international sports governing bodies never change, and the sweet-tooth for authoritarians is always right at the top of the list.

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I have another mid east first hand profile in archives and will try to link it shortly.

Also, some comments from the internet.

I want to congratulate the FIFA selection comittee on an absolutely brilliant decision to award the 2022 FIFA World Cup to the nation of Quatar. ~unknown

Qatar is a perfect choice for many reasons. Not only do they have zero soccer tradition (ranked 134 of about 160 teams), but they are almost 2,000 miles from the nearest nation with any soccer tradition! This alone makes this nation (which is the size of Connecticut) a perfect choice. ~unknown

The fact that it in August it is 120 degrees Fahrenheit in Qatar, and that the purchase and consumption of alcohol by foreigners is against the law, makes it clear that really there is no other option than to hold the world cup there! ~unknown

Antarctica, 2026! You know whats really sad, how few countries are in between Antarctica and Qatar on the list of places that make sense to have a World Cup. ~unknown

02 Dec

fifa vote politics are unsettling at best – 2018 Russia – 2022 Qatar

Here is another look at the 2022 bids outlines. Just ridiculous if the US doesn’t win.

And the results. 2018 bid is won by Russia.

2018 Tournament Voting

First Round

England, 2 votes,

Belgium-Netherlands, 4

Spain-Portugal, 7

Russia, 9

(England eliminated)

Second Round

Belgium-Netherlands, 2

Spain-Portugal, 7

Russia, 13

(Russia wins with an absolute majority)

2022 Tournament Voting

Australia, 1

Japan, 3

United States, 3

South Korea, 4

Qatar, 11

(Australia eliminated)

Second Round

Japan, 2

South Korea, 5

United States, 5

Qatar 10

(Japan eliminated)

Third Round

South Korea, 5

United States, 6

Qatar, 11

(South Korea eliminated)

Fourth Round

United States, 8

Qatar, 14

(Qatar wins with an absolute majority)

Read more: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2010/soccer/wires/12/02/2080.ap.soc.wcup.bids.vote.totals.0102/index.html#ixzz171PUuVE5

And 2022 bid is won by Qatar.

Qatar’s victory in the race to be awarded the 2022 World Cup was a triumph for spin over substance and leaves a black mark on FIFA’s already-besmirched name.

In the hours after Thursday’s announcement in Zurich, soccer’s governing body attempted to laud its decision as a bold step into new territory, a choice rich in foresight and legacy and adventurous spirit. In reality, it is perhaps the greatest folly of an organization that is so messed up that it can’t help but tarnish its reputation further with boneheaded decisions made for all the wrong reasons.

The United States made a solid push and played things straight down the line. However, it found that its guarantee of a hugely profitable tournament and a stadium and transportation infrastructure that is second to none wasn’t enough.



01 Dec

Tremendous performance for Barca in El Classico, but the manager moving on…?

Pep Guardiola moving on, already…? It is amazing to me that the press assumes that managers are always looking for new challenges. As if the challenge of staying on top with one club is not enough – see Sir Alex Ferguson.


30 Nov

Competition and fraud for the hosting of the 2018 and 2022 world cups

The US plays by the rules, mostly. The others not so much.

The decision to hold both votes simultaneously ostensibly was made to maximize income from sponsors and TV networks, but it has served only to foster behind-the-scenes deal-making and vote-trading.

Author Simon Kuper, writing last week in England’s Financial Times, put it best.

“The campaign to host these World Cups is much like a conclave of cardinals choosing a pope,” Kuper wrote. “It’s a campaign waged mostly behind firmly closed doors, and the very secrecy of the process, and the desperation of the nine bidders to win, invites corruption.”

Even FIFA has admitted the process is flawed.


The best bids are most likely from England-2018 and the US 2022 because of the infrastructure that is ready to go, but both are fairly honest nations that will not allow as much profit for the unscrupulous.

England torpedoed their own bid by revealing corruption. How ironic that tying to clean up the process eliminates a country because fifa expects the same autocratic control of a country that they demonstrate with their private company. Of course, clicking on this link to an article about the England bid video will reveal a poor video choice?