03 Dec

an update on summer leavings from the EPL

Those offseason millions were a bit down this year except for ManCity and a couple other clubs aound Europe. How are the ones that transferred out doing?

The debate about the signing of the season has become a feature of the footballing calendar. The combination of a consumer culture, generating excitement when pound signs flash, the widely-shared delight in all things new and thrilling and managers’ wishes to highlight their successes can obscure the other side of the equation: the damaging departures. And, less than halfway into the campaign, five of last season’s top seven clubs could be lamenting the one that got away.

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03 Dec

bitter much…

Perhaps voting to change the continental rotation system was a mistake. CONCACAF was in line to get the WC in 2018.

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Basically countries with established and ‘real’ bids should try to get the world cup until fifa becomes accountable. Bascially fifa claims to want four things from a bid: 1. economic success 2. fan attendance 3. spread soccer frontier 4. good soccer. The only one of the three areas that can be argued is #3. And even that is moot with the low population in the winning 2022 winning country.

and a link to the story that discusses this idea.

Our media not kowtowing to autocrats/fifa seems to be a/the problem

link for technically sound bids need not apply.


in the Battle of World Cup Pitchmen, Chelsea’s billionaire owner and Arsenal’s mercurial star had dribbled circles around England’s royal duo of Prince William and David Beckham. (Poor Becks. This was probably the closest he’ll ever get to another World Cup and he didn’t even make it past the first round.)

But as soon as Russia’s name had been called, Putin flew into Zurich to thank FIFA for having faith in his country. Given that only three of the 16 stadiums needed to play the games currently exist — which, by the way, is three more than Qatar can boast — Russia’s infrastructure was nowhere near as impressive as England’s. Yet it had other things going for it. Putin has promised no visa hassles, free transportation for ticket-holders, and the kind of security that is famous for discouraging any rebellious sorts.


The true genius of Qatar’s bid lay in its stadium plan. Each bright and shiny new arena will be disposable, with the stadia being dismantled right after the World Cup and shipped to points-unknown-that-might-somehow-correlate-with-those-on-the-executive-committee-who-voted-for Qatar. Or maybe they’ll just go to poor countries that need the infrastructure.

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03 Dec

On a lighter note…some of the best soccer commercials produced

Here are some full-length soccer commercials from the past few years. These maintain your interest and, mostly, allow you to remember the products. Don’t forget the one in the comments!

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03 Dec

Zidane paid $15 million for his commercial

Yes, that is right Zidane, who has no connection to Qatar was paid $3mil no matter what and $15mil if they won.

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Here is his commercial supporting the bid. Is it worth $15mil?

02 Dec

Economic advantage is in losing the WC bid

As I mentioned in a previous post with regards to the  Olympics hosting may not be the advantage claimed by some. Pro sports have a similar reputation as seen in the book ‘Major League Losers’ by Mark Rosentraub.

Economists and public policy analysts have studied the economic impact of large international sporting events like the World Cup and the Olympics, and national events like the Super Bowl, and the evidence shows that there is very little in the way of economic benefit from hosting these events. Incomes don’t grow faster, more jobs aren’t created, governments don’t rake in significant hauls of new tax revenues.

Malcom Gladwell’s blog has an article about the economics of losing.