Coach at De LaSalle has it right, movie: When the Game Stands Tall

October 20th, 2014Posted by BJ Pheasant

Recently, I was able to see When the Game Stands Tall. It is a movie about the year that The Streak was broken and the coach that was involved in building the program at De LaSalle HS in California. I was quite impressed with the process that he used to build and maintain a championship [...]

Is Mental Strength really understood: The Donovan Decision

May 27th, 2014Posted by BJ Pheasant

Picking Landon Donovan was expected by everyone, including me, even if he wasn’t expected to start every game. His role as elder statesman and the experience he has gleaned from the previous 3 world cups makes him invaluable in the locker room and as a spark off the bench. Many countries do this as part [...]

San Antonio Spurs Epitomize Team

May 19th, 2014Posted by BJ Pheasant

Usually I post on soccer, but Greg Popovich is one of the best coaches that is working today. Team is the concept that coaches work for if they want their players to achieve their potential. I believe that all teams, male and female, function better when player genuinely work for each other and like each [...]

Lutheran High School Girl’s Soccer All-American and Team Sportsmanship Awards

May 12th, 2014Posted by BJ Pheasant

Concordia University Chicago Women’s Soccer presents the following awards for the 2013-14 high school season. Nominations are due via e-mail by May 30, 2014. Information and nomination forms can be found on The Lutheran High School Girl’s Soccer All-American Award is a unified Lutheran Girl’s Soccer All-American program that brings together the student-athletes from all Lutheran denominations [...]

Qatar upset that people mad over dead World Cup Slaves

March 27th, 2014Posted by BJ Pheasant

Do you remember previous articles I posted on the tragedy that is the Qatar World Cup? More than 500 Indian migrant workers have died in Qatar since January 2012, revealing for the first time the shocking scale of death toll among those building the infrastructure for the 2022 World Cup. Official figures confirmed by the Indian [...]

Why do college coaches “go pro”?

February 1st, 2014Posted by BJ Pheasant

When the Penn State football coach recently left to take the Houston Texans professional jobs I saw some interesting stats. American football coaches in college average a 10 year tenure while pros only last 3 years. Why do college coaches insist on going pro when the money they make can be similar at top programs. [...]

Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s new Volvo commercial is Zlatany!!!

January 28th, 2014Posted by BJ Pheasant

Zlatan is unquestionably the most interesting man in soccer. Volvo’s Swedish advertising arm understood this better than most. So here Zlatan preparing for the hunt in a log cabin. And then Zlatan hunting. Then staring into a fire and swimming in a frozen lake. It’s great. Since Zlatan is the topic I would be remiss [...]

Bradley Coaches in Europe

January 24th, 2014Posted by BJ Pheasant

I outlined in previous articles my concern over Bob Bradley coaching in Egypt. He represents US coaches abroad. Qualifying for the World Cup would have put him, and by association US coaches, in the world’s eye as competent coaches that have moved beyond the shadow of the “American football coach” stereotype. Unfortunately Egypt did not [...]

Don’t Apologize for High Scoring Games

December 18th, 2013Posted by BJ Pheasant

High scoring games are more fun for the spectators and players. The only people that don’t seem to like them are the managers that want to control every aspect of the game. Anson Dorrance talks about this frequently talks about preferring to win 4-2 than 1-0. I also think this is how it should be. [...]

Soccer can help girls with science

October 23rd, 2013Posted by BJ Pheasant

Girls who were more physically active at age 11 did better at school as teenagers, a study finds. And the most active girls really aced science. This investigation used data from a British study that has been following the health of a large group of parents and children since 1991. They measured almost 5,000 children’s physical [...]

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