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22 Mar

Building a Scouting Algorithm Part 1

I recently read a two part series on Building a Football Scouting Algorithm Part 1 & Part 2 by Richard

19 Dec

technical scouting gaining acceptance

The image of the wizened old scout stood in the cold scouring for talent at a provincial football ground remains.

16 Aug

ManCity to Release Soccer Stats to help find the ‘bill james’ of soccer

On Friday, City will make available through its website the data on every player in every team from every game

11 Dec

Celebrating Moneyball Concepts in Soccer

As you can guess from my research in Capitalization Rates of Youth Soccer in the US I am a stat

11 Feb

240 points will get you to a girls basketball game

Think that it is common sense that high scoring is more exciting? Think again with some help from Paul Gardner.