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25 Oct

Factors in Managing a Successful College Athletic Program—NCAA D3 80% RECRUITING 10% ACADEMICS 10% COACHING

Is coaching the most important factor in developing a winning athletic program? Research says no. Recruiting is a significantly more

30 Jun

Lutheran High School Girl’s Soccer All-American and Team Sportsmanship Awards

The Lutheran All American Association presents the following awards for the 2014-15 high school season. Nominations are due via e-mail by

28 Mar

Moneyball comes to Dutch soccer

Moneyball, by author Michael Lewis, is a famous book, and now movie, about the statistical revolution in professional baseball in

22 Dec

Director of Soccer Operations gaining a place in College Soccer

The Director of Soccer Operations position allows coaches to focus on coaching. The position of Director of “Sport” Operations is

28 Nov

The Moneyball era in soccer is not quite here

There are a number of books that outline how countries and clubs are not guaranteed to win in soccer because