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Is Mental Strength really understood: The Donovan Decision

May 27th, 2014Posted by BJ Pheasant

Picking Landon Donovan was expected by everyone, including me, even if he wasn’t expected to start every game. His role as elder statesman and the experience he has gleaned from the previous 3 world cups makes him invaluable in the locker room and as a spark off the bench. Many countries do this as part [...]

San Antonio Spurs Epitomize Team

May 19th, 2014Posted by BJ Pheasant

Usually I post on soccer, but Greg Popovich is one of the best coaches that is working today. Team is the concept that coaches work for if they want their players to achieve their potential. I believe that all teams, male and female, function better when player genuinely work for each other and like each [...]

Lutheran High School Girl’s Soccer All-American and Team Sportsmanship Awards

May 12th, 2014Posted by BJ Pheasant

Concordia University Chicago Women’s Soccer presents the following awards for the 2013-14 high school season. Nominations are due via e-mail by May 30, 2014. Information and nomination forms can be found on The Lutheran High School Girl’s Soccer All-American Award is a unified Lutheran Girl’s Soccer All-American program that brings together the student-athletes from all Lutheran denominations [...]

Academics in an Athletic World

November 11th, 2012Posted by BJ Pheasant

This is a post which I would like to make in the future. I have not articulated my views in a manner worthy of an article, yet. George Forsythe, President of Westminster College, has written an article articulating the NCAA Division 3 philosophy and advantages that expresses many of the thoughts that I would like to [...]

David Moyes of Everton is a golden god!

October 3rd, 2012Posted by BJ Pheasant

As I have said in this very blog on multiple occasions I think that David Moyes of Everton is one of the best professional football managers in the world. His consistency with meager resources is tremendous. Everton is currently second in the EPL ahead of the Manchesters. Finally, someone else recognizes David Moyes as a great manager. 3rd longest [...]

ManCity to Release Soccer Stats to help find the ‘bill james’ of soccer

August 16th, 2012Posted by BJ Pheasant

On Friday, City will make available through its website the data on every player in every team from every game in the Premier League last season. That may not enrapture the supporter fixated on Robin van Persie’s next career move but to the growing number of researchers, sports scientists and bloggers seeking new ways to [...]

Interactive database: a unique survey of the financial health of Premier League clubs

May 12th, 2012Posted by BJ Pheasant

Interactive database: The Telegraph conducted a unique survey of the financial health of Premier League clubs, based on the most recently available annual accounts, which are from 2010-11. By Matt Scott, database by Dan Palmer, Mark Oliver and Conrad Quilty-Harper May 2012 Unlike other surveys, this focuses on the true cash income and expenditure of [...]

Soccer Tweeting Records Fall

April 27th, 2012Posted by BJ Pheasant

Barcelona and Real Madrid were knocked out of the UEFA Champions League this week, but both clubs had roles in breaking two records in the Twittersphere. Tuesday’s UEFA Champions League game between Barcelona and Chelsea broke the tweets-per-second record for a sporting event, peaking at 13,684 messages per second. The old record: 12,233 tweets per [...]

NCAA to advance beyond the 1990′s?!

January 9th, 2012Posted by BJ Pheasant

It has always been strange to need to tell high school students not to text or use facebook, but that is what NCAA coaches (NAIA coaches haven’t had to worry) are instructed to tell potential recruits. As a club and high school coach it has been difficult to get teens to respond to e-mail or [...]

The End of High School Athletics?

November 15th, 2011Posted by BJ Pheasant

Previously, I have worked for a public school district that cut all coaching stipends. This led to a number of coaches leaving positions because they were unable to survive on their remaining income and had to switch jobs. This seems like the worst place to cut minimal amounts of money ($2000 stipends) because research shows [...]

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