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Thomas More WSOC 2016 NSCAA Regional Coaching Staff of the Year

November 23rd, 2016Posted by BJ Pheasant

Thomas More is a NCAA Division III college located 10 minutes from downtown Cincinnati, Ohio on an idyllic 100 acre campus in the rolling hills of Northern Kentucky. The Saints women’s soccer program has earned the 2016 NSCAA Regional Coaching Staff of the Year and is one of only three schools in the nation to make the Sectional [...]

Value of Assistant Coaches

November 20th, 2016Posted by BJ Pheasant

As someone who has been a full-time assistant coach there are not many articles written on being an assistant or about their value. Early in my career coaching club and high school there is typically a single head coach with some part time help. As head coach in those situations I try to find people [...]

Comparing Bruce Arena & Bill Belichick

November 7th, 2016Posted by BJ Pheasant

Two recent articles, based on peer interviews, about coaches with great resumes have popped up and are great reads for both veteran and aspiring coaches alike.. The first is on Bruce Arena and the second is on Bill Belichick The parallels between the two are numerous: out work the competition, use of statistics, ability to [...]

Factors in Managing a Successful College Athletic Program—NCAA D3 80% RECRUITING 10% ACADEMICS 10% COACHING

October 25th, 2015Posted by BJ Pheasant

Is coaching the most important factor in developing a winning athletic program? Research says no. Recruiting is a significantly more important factor to a team’s success. Factors in Managing a Successful College Athletic Program—NCAA D3 80% RECRUITING 10% ACADEMICS 10% COACHING

Dennis Bergkamp: It’s About the First Touch

May 5th, 2015Posted by BJ Pheasant

Dennis Bergkamp is one of the great soccer players in history. He is involved with Ajax as coach and it is where he played as youth. He is also interested in returning to Arsenal as a coach where he was part of many memorable moments, including the undefeated Invincibles. The number one skill on the [...]

Coach at De LaSalle has it right, movie: When the Game Stands Tall

October 20th, 2014Posted by BJ Pheasant

Recently, I was able to see When the Game Stands Tall. It is a movie about the year that The Streak was broken and the coach that was involved in building the program at De LaSalle HS in California. I was quite impressed with the process that he used to build and maintain a championship [...]

Is Mental Strength really understood: The Donovan Decision

May 27th, 2014Posted by BJ Pheasant

Picking Landon Donovan was expected by everyone, including me, even if he wasn’t expected to start every game. His role as elder statesman and the experience he has gleaned from the previous 3 world cups makes him invaluable in the locker room and as a spark off the bench. Many countries do this as part [...]

San Antonio Spurs Epitomize Team

May 19th, 2014Posted by BJ Pheasant

Usually I post on soccer, but Greg Popovich is one of the best coaches that is working today. Team is the concept that coaches work for if they want their players to achieve their potential. I believe that all teams, male and female, function better when player genuinely work for each other and like each [...]

Don’t Apologize for High Scoring Games

December 18th, 2013Posted by BJ Pheasant

High scoring games are more fun for the spectators and players. The only people that don’t seem to like them are the managers that want to control every aspect of the game. Anson Dorrance talks about this frequently talks about preferring to win 4-2 than 1-0. I also think this is how it should be. [...]

Losing Is Good for You

September 26th, 2013Posted by BJ Pheasant

By age 4 or 5, children aren’t fooled by all the trophies. They are surprisingly accurate in identifying who excels and who struggles. Those who are outperformed know it and give up, while those who do well feel cheated when they aren’t recognized for their accomplishments. They, too, may give up. It turns out that, [...]

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