03 Dec

an update on summer leavings from the EPL

Those offseason millions were a bit down this year except for ManCity and a couple other clubs aound Europe. How

03 Dec

bitter much…

Perhaps voting to change the continental rotation system was a mistake. CONCACAF was in line to get the WC in

03 Dec

On a lighter note…some of the best soccer commercials produced

Here are some full-length soccer commercials from the past few years. These maintain your interest and, mostly, allow you to

03 Dec

Zidane paid $15 million for his commercial

Yes, that is right Zidane, who has no connection to Qatar was paid $3mil no matter what and $15mil if

02 Dec

Economic advantage is in losing the WC bid

As I mentioned in a previous post with regards to theĀ  Olympics hosting may not be the advantage claimed by