Neil Warnock the Barcelona Manager on Football Manager

Found a couple fascinating reads on Reddit recently. The first is actually a video comparing Pep Guardiola to Neil Warnock. I can’t imagine the amount of time it took to find all the footage. Great stuff!

The youtube video is linked here.

The original purpose of the article was an ‘analysis’ of Neil Warnock managing Barcelona via Football Manager. From Kyle Picknell who deserves more praise for the prose and the imagination.

Cardiff City have been relegated and that means that we have, unfortunately, lost Neil Warnock from the Premier League. Take a moment if you need one. But that doesn’t mean that we have seen the last of him. Neil Warnock, like death, taxes, Thanos and British people assembling en masse in pub gardens the moment a single ray of light breaks through the usually impenetrable wall of cloud that envelopes this miserable country, is inevitable. In him, the greatest football league in the entire world (if you don’t watch any other football league) has lost one of the last true disruptors there is, with football now crawling out of the mud towards a sleek, ultra-modern, slightly soulless rendering of the beautiful game.

The actual best league in the world, the Championship, has regained one of its most notorious conquerors. Maybe there is some balance that has been restored. Whatever you think of Neil Warnock, and Neil Warnock’s semi-unique melancholy football (Tony Pulis is still out there, remember), and Neil Warnock’s personality, an eternal state of being as abrasive as a cactus wrapped in sandpaper, you have to admit that he is… a football manager. He has, undeniably, managed football teams and even more than that, has been reasonably successful at managing them.

He has, however, never been granted an opportunity to really shine, to show the world exactly what Hartlepool United’s Players of the Season 1971/72 could do if he wasn’t wasting his talents managing the menagerie of forgotten teams littering the middle reaches of the football league.

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