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Pro @ 13?

May 30th, 2019Posted by BJ Pheasant

Tennis, Kournikova mgmt deal @ 10 pro @ 14. Golf, Wie qualified for USGA @ 10 pro @ 15. Soccer, Freddy Adu pro @14 Soccer, Olivia Moultrie signed with Nike @ 13 pro ?  NWSL says 18 to play in their league. Freddy Adu was 14 in the MLS. Tennis, gymnastics and swimming are pro/Olympics […]

Neil Warnock the Barcelona Manager on Football Manager

May 12th, 2019Posted by BJ Pheasant

Found a couple fascinating reads on Reddit recently. The first is actually a video comparing Pep Guardiola to Neil Warnock. I can’t imagine the amount of time it took to find all the footage. Great stuff! The youtube video is linked here. The original purpose of the article was an ‘analysis’ of Neil Warnock managing […]

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