24 Oct

Qatar to lose the WC 2022?

There are rumors swirling that Qatar may lose the hosting of World Cup 2022. With bribery of the voting process now proven and slavery accusations (at the worst) and human rights violations (at the best) being pinned to FIFA WC construction the hubris seems to be catching up to Qatar.

The latest accusations come from Bahrain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates as they cut off ties from Qatar and blockaded the state, accusing it of supporting terrorism and sowing discord in the region. With middle eastern support also on the wain it may be too much for Qatar to overcome.

Qatar says they are giving up the WC and others are just jealous of them. I am not sure who is jealous of their bribery and human rights record, but, be that as it may, it will take someone with integrity at FIFA to make the call. FIFA, of course, is embroiled in their own issues and are trying to ignore everything else while they get their house in order.

If the WC leaves Qatar where would it go? Australia was the mainĀ  Asian area competitor (the WC were being assigned by continent at the time). The USA, Germany, and England are also being mentioned as places with infrastructure that could host the WC on relatively short notice.