Dennis Bergkamp: It’s About the First Touch

Dennis Bergkamp is one of the great soccer players in history. He is involved with Ajax as coach and it is where he played as youth. He is also interested in returning to Arsenal as a coach where he was part of many memorable moments, including the undefeated Invincibles.

The number one skill on the Top 10 Lists, that this website is named for, is Ball Control. Bergkamp agrees. He had this to say about player development. “The basics for me is the first touch,” he says, as if a perfect first touch is some kind of alchemy. “First touch in football is so important. If you talk about Mesut Özil people say he is not marked properly, he always has a lot of space but he has got that space because he can create space by his vision and his first touch. With that you create your own time.”

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