22 Dec

Director of Soccer Operations gaining a place in College Soccer

The Director of Soccer Operations position allows coaches to focus on coaching.

The position of Director of “Sport” Operations is a relatively young one outside the revenue sports in college athletics and is now being added around the country. Using my business degree from Purdue University and my work background in strategic consulting I analyzed a college soccer program from a business perspective. My whitepaper, which looks at operating a collegiate program from a business perspective as opposed to a coaching perspective, is ranked in the top 3% of page views of all papers on academia.edu. The outline for a DSO position is also consistently at the top of the rankings for those googling for information about “Director of Soccer Operations”.

The DSO assists the Head Coach in the administration of all aspects of the sport program primarily gathered in five main areas: camps, media, recruiting, scheduling, and budgeting. My whitepaper, which was written while earning my Masters in Athletic Administration at Indiana University, outlines a menu of options for the position. Budget planning and scheduling are listed together as the two gohand-in-hand. The definition of scheduling is used in its most broad sense and covers all forms of travel, securing practice and facility times, community outreach, speaking engagements, mealsand more. The budget must mesh with scheduling, especially for road trips, as team travel isusually the largest expense a team faces. Similarly, recruiting and media are inextricably tied together and are main duties. The camp operations relate to both budgeting/scheduling andrecruiting/media since it is integral for recruiting and as a money maker, which retains assistantcoaches enhancing stability in the program. The DSO position allows the coach to coach.

For a more detailed look at a menu of activities for a DSO click this link The Future of Director of Soccer Operations.