Bradley Coaches in Europe

I outlined in previous articles my concern over Bob Bradley coaching in Egypt. He represents US coaches abroad. Qualifying for the World Cup would have put him, and by association US coaches, in the world’s eye as competent coaches that have moved beyond the shadow of the “American football coach” stereotype. Unfortunately Egypt did not qualify for the WC. However, mitigating circumstances with the lack of a professional season and overall instability of the country made it a non negative association. Bradley’s loyalty to his players and grace in difficult circumstances stood out.

Now he has moved on and is at a small club in Europe. The same caveats apply. And future US coaches need him to succeed.

“When an American coach gets an opportunity in a bigger league, that will be a really important step, regardless of who it is,” Bradley said. So far, Bradley has come the closest. The pinnacle would be a gig in Spain’s La Liga or the English Premier League. Bradley interviewed at Aston Villa and West Bromwich Albion in 2012 without landing either one.

So even though Bradley could have returned to MLS—he held talks with the Vancouver Whitecaps, a team that drew more than 20,000 fans a game—he jumped at the chance to manage Stabaek in its 7,000-capacity Nadderud Stadion. The chance to build up relevant European experience was too good to pass up.

“Up until now, coaching success in MLS is not something that means that much when opportunities come up in Europe. It hasn’t helped anybody,” Bradley said. “That can always change based on one situation.”

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