Don’t Apologize for High Scoring Games

High scoring games are more fun for the spectators and players. The only people that don’t seem to like them are the managers that want to control every aspect of the game.

Anson Dorrance talks about this frequently talks about preferring to win 4-2 than 1-0. I also think this is how it should be.

Last weekend Manchester City beat Arsenal 6-3 and the coaches and pundits complained. Very often, soccer managers sound like advertising salesmen. They pledge their intent to attack before the game, then deliver their excuses in the small print at a later date.

Gentlemen, please! It wasn’t just the two managers joined in critical mode, it was every studio expert, every analyst, and seemingly so many of the fans who talked about basic errors, about errors in midfield leading to breakdowns in defense.

It was as if a pre-Christmas goal feast is a sin. Top, top professionals, to use a term Wenger is fond of, should manage the big games better than that.

And you imagine these two coaches, each past his 60th birthday, shutting themselves away all night and rewinding the video to find what went wrong, rather than watching it to see what entertained so many people out there.

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