Clint Dempsey Rap Star!

Did you all know that in 2006 Clint Dempsey rapped on a music video? Now you do!

It is a Dirtylanta style video in my mind. I bet Mexico should have watched this before coming to DosACero stadium in Columbus, OH. They would have known “Don’t Tread on US”.

They strategically placed Columbus, Ohio in a territory so nightmarishly bland that even They call it “flyover country.” It is a territory that only exists to make life miserable for Mexican footballers. And it’s there that They built their first “soccer specific stadium” — a term that loosely translates to “tiny demon fortress.” A David-like hovel that can only fit less than 25,000 people in a land of Goliath sporting cathedrals. Few Mexicans have been inside the Columbus Demon Fortress, but those who have say that it is a horrible place where the chants of “USA! USA!” penetrate the skull with their thunderous volume and maddening repetition.

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