Sepp Blatter criticizing American Soccer?

There have been many words written about the bumbling and inept Sepp Blatter. And recently more regarding his statements about American soccer. My take is a little different. Everyone seems to be jumping on him for his criticism of the MLS as not being a real or recognized league. I can see how that could be, but by taking it that way I believe pundits and commentators are proving Blatter’s point.

I think that Blatter was critizing the lack of a league structure in the USA – specifically the lack of a recognized second league. And, with that lack of a recognized second league why promotion and relegation have not been able to start yet. Until there is a recognized soccer second league there cannot be a recognized soccer structure meaning promotion and┬árelegation. This is a different argument entirely and assumes that the USA does not have ‘real’ soccer leagues until they are structured like the European and South American leagues. Some shortsighted folks in the US argue that we could never make promotion work, but their arguments are usually strawman arguments that just distract. That is the subject of another post, however.

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