Chelsea related news – Players and Managers revisiting mistakes – doomed to repeat history

On the player front Drogba is realizing he made an error going to China. As I posted earlier the MLS is competing with China, Russia, and Quatar for retiring ‘stars’. Leaving aside why the MLS wants elderly internationals rather than developing bright young players with local connections it is curious to note that the money is not always greener.

On the Manager front Chelsea has fired another. Mateo won theĀ elusiveĀ Champions League – not winning was a primary crime that cost Mourinho his job. And he has been replaced with the ultimate Tinkerer in Benetiz the former Liverpool manager. He was known for his ‘tactical acumen’ or as others would say ‘changing his mind all the time’. At one point Liverpool went a season and a half without starting the same line up. My take is that he was forced into this by poor purchasing. He could recognize places and times to use the talents of each of his player – a good trait to have, but when purchasing did not pay enough attention to all-around players. He instead purchased partially useful players that filled the latest hole rather than ones that would broadly impact the team. A case study for why the GM – Coach model in the US is often useful.

Why is this interesting? Because those that do learn history repeat it. Claudio Ranieri (2000-2004) was the the first manager to spend Abramovich’s billions and represented the most consistency in terms of time in charge. But the ‘Tinkerman’ tag did not help the Italian and, despite finishing second in the Premier League and reaching the Champions League semi-finals, he was sacked.

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