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Chelsea related news – Players and Managers revisiting mistakes – doomed to repeat history

November 21st, 2012Posted by BJ Pheasant

On the player front Drogba is realizing he made an error going to China. As I posted earlier the MLS is competing with China, Russia, and Quatar for retiring ‘stars’. Leaving aside why the MLS wants elderly internationals rather than developing bright young players with local connections it is curious to note that the money […]

New Professional Women’s League Announced in USA – will they follow my outline?

November 21st, 2012Posted by BJ Pheasant

A new women’s professional league which will start play in March. As I have written before Professional Womens soccer can draw large crowds for club games. They have done so in France and Germany, arguable the top women’s leagues in the world. Many mistakes have been made in marketing women’s soccer in the US. Will […]

Academics in an Athletic World

November 11th, 2012Posted by BJ Pheasant

This is a post which I would like to make in the future. I have not articulated my views in a manner worthy of an article, yet.¬†George Forsythe, President of Westminster College, has written an article articulating the NCAA Division 3 philosophy and advantages that expresses many of the thoughts that I would like to […]

Redefining 1st touch in Soccer: Definitions matter because Communication Matters

November 7th, 2012Posted by BJ Pheasant

Redefining 1st touch in soccer: Definitions matter because communication matters Why have a definition with a list of exceptions to the rule when you could have a definition that includes the exceptions? The definition of 1st touch in soccer is currently similar to the time before Copernicus and Galileo when scientists said that the planets […]

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