Why Put Your Kid at A Movement Disadvantage?

A great video from a movement expert at a shoe store with his kids. He discusses how Parents are hurting the children’s biomechanics by purchasing bad shoes. In kindergarten he said that he doesn’t see heel strikes as the children move, but in first grade it starts up and just keeps getting worse.

“Today’s episode is a realty check about our human nature.  Over the course of the last 2.5 million years, you have evolved to have your heel flat on the ground (or a flat surface). You are an engineering miracle. The length of your heel cords is not an accident.   Any systematic deviation away from heel flat isn’t natural. I’m not going to be all crazy and say that putting young kids in shoes with an elevated heel is the equivalent of the old Chinese custom of foot binding, but it kind of is? Seriously, heels flat.  An elevated heel is an upstream mechanical nightmare expressing itself at the foot, ankle, knee, hip, low back… You can have some padding and traction of course. But keep that differential between heel and toe to a minimum.  Besides, I know you crazies out there want your kids to be smart and super jocks.  Don’t hobble them out of the gate.  Give them a chance to be badass.”

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