ManU screwed by refs and should have won EPL title: Man City fans jazz for cows

For all you Man City fans that don’t want to hear how you don’t deserve the title I have included a a Jazz concert for cows from youtube. No joke.

The theory that the impact of refereeing decisions evens itself out over the course of the season is challenged by the research. United, for example, had 59.3 per cent of incorrect decisions go against them; City had 73.7 per cent of incorrect calls go against them. The difference between them and United is that when they lost out to refereeing decisions it didn’t alter the eventual result and only cost them two points.

Of course this also shows that Man City were good enough to overcome the disadvantage while Man United were not.

More than 200 hours has been spent analysing 674 decisions from all 370 games played this season including disallowed goals, penalty incidents and sendings-off.

Each replay was watched repeatedly in slow and super-slow motion with effort made to side with the referee where possible – decisions were not changed unless there was clear evidence that they should be.

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