Liverpool are Fools

Liverpool had a great manager in Roy Hodgson (now the England National team manager). They fired him because the new owners listened to the fans (wait for the irony). They hired fan favorite, club hero, and retread Kenny Daglish. They gave him $160 million to waste (sorry spend) in building an old school english soccer team. (un)Surprisingly it hasn’t worked. Old school is called that for a reason.

Now they have fired King Kenny and then Liverpool turned to their fans (again) to get help in finding their new, new manager. They tweeted to more than 930,000 followers: “Who do you want to replace Kenny Dalglish as LFC manager? Reply with your suggestions and reasons.” The tweet was deleted within 30 minutes when, and I am guessing here, the fans showed more ability than whomever is currently in charge in Liverpool? (oh, the irony has landed)

Apparently a coach who knows attractive soccer, but coaches a small club, has turned them down. Brendan Rogers of Swansea will be stolen away to coach a ‘big’ club at some point, but appears to want more seasoning at the top flight before jumping fro the frying pan into the fire. If only clubs would show as much sense in their hiring targets.

I think Tony Pullis of Stoke would be an ideal fit for the style of players Liverpool have at the moment. He is also suitably english in his playing style and has multiple years of experience in the premier league. Of course a favorite of mine has been David Moyes, but what are the odds that the reds would hire a blue? And he has been, according to rumor, tipped to follow Alex Ferguson at ManU. On second thought, wouldn’t Liverpool want to steal a march on their rivals and get title number 18?

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