“I want a little Nasty” Klinsmann or Popovich

I am shocked at how naive many commenters are regarding Klinsmann’s comments where he used the words ‘naive’ and ‘nasty’ to describe various qualities the USA mens team has and ones it needs. Have you watched top level national team soccer. I mean really watched? The US is not rough or dirty in comparison to other nations. We also do not dive to compensate for other’s rough play.

We can choose to play ‘pure’ a la arsenal or barcelona, but our players must ALL be technically better than the opposition to make it work. That is why those teams are so rare. The USA doesn’t have those players and the current youth development system isn’t going to develop them so the national team must make choices to be competitive.

The difference in outcry over the term ‘nasty’ is also astonishing. One of the great basketball coaches is greg popovich of the San Antonio Spurs. He said “I need a little nasty” in a huddle and it has been embraced by fans of all ball teams and put on t-shirts. No one took it to mean go out and injure players. It was taken as JK meant it. To play with a tough aggressive mentality. The US MNT is well known for getting thrown off balance when teams (like Mexico) turn the game into a diving competition and the game becomes disjointed. We need a better mentality. Why are people complaining about a coach that wants one?

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