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“I want a little Nasty” Klinsmann or Popovich

May 31st, 2012Posted by BJ Pheasant

I am shocked at how naive many commenters are regarding Klinsmann’s comments where he used the words ‘naive’ and ‘nasty’ to describe various qualities the USA mens team has and ones it needs. Have you watched top level national team soccer. I mean really watched? The US is not rough or dirty in comparison to […]

Euros may be in trouble. Poland ok, but Ukraine is a mess.

May 30th, 2012Posted by BJ Pheasant

Not since the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow and the 1984 Winter Games in Sarajevo has Eastern Europe staged a sporting event the magnitude of Euro 2012. As co-host, Ukraine hopes to showcase itself 26 years after the nuclear disaster at Chernobyl and two decades after it gained independence with the dissolution of the Soviet […]

Nice Coaches are Evil by draining the potential from their players

May 21st, 2012Posted by BJ Pheasant

Beware of Nice Coaches If a Coach Is nice, and friendly, and available. And never gives you the fierce criticism and the tough pushback that forces you to confront your weaknesses, take risks, stop whining, cut the excuses, get over your fears, and make hard decisions about your ability and future in soccer then the […]

Women’s Professional Soccer in Europe draws 50,000 fans

May 18th, 2012Posted by BJ Pheasant

Women’s pro soccer may be struggling in the United States, but it’s growing in Europe. A record crowd of 50,212 at Munich’s Olympic Stadium — more than any WPS team totaled for the entire 2011 season — watched Lyon repeat as the UEFA Women’s Champions League champion with a 2-0 win overĀ  FFC Frankfurt. Like […]

Women’s Professional Soccer ended in the US because of stupidity and greed.

May 18th, 2012Posted by BJ Pheasant

The Women’s Professional Soccer league has folded after three seasons. The league had canceled the 2012 season in January, at the time hoping to return next year. But the remaining five owners announced in a statement Friday that all operations were suspended permanently. “We sincerely regret having to take this course of action,” said T. […]

Liverpool are Fools

May 18th, 2012Posted by BJ Pheasant

Liverpool had a great manager in Roy Hodgson (now the England National team manager). They fired him because the new owners listened to the fans (wait for the irony). They hired fan favorite, club hero, and retread Kenny Daglish. They gave him $160 million to waste (sorry spend) in building an old school english soccer […]

Healthy Measure: Replacing BMI with something else

May 15th, 2012Posted by BJ Pheasant

Ideally, all should aim to keep their waist measurement less than half that of their height, found the scientists. That means a 6ft (72 inch) tall man should aim to keep his waist less than 36 inches, while a 5ft 4in (64 inch) woman should keep hers under 32 inches. They have found that the […]

ManU screwed by refs and should have won EPL title: Man City fans jazz for cows

May 13th, 2012Posted by BJ Pheasant

For all you Man City fans that don’t want to hear how you don’t deserve the title I have included a a Jazz concert for cows from youtube. No joke. The theory that the impact of refereeing decisions evens itself out over the course of the season is challenged by the research. United, for example, […]

Interactive database: a unique survey of the financial health of Premier League clubs

May 12th, 2012Posted by BJ Pheasant

Interactive database: The Telegraph conducted a unique survey of the financial health of Premier League clubs, based on the most recently available annual accounts, which are from 2010-11. By Matt Scott, database by Dan Palmer, Mark Oliver and Conrad Quilty-Harper May 2012 Unlike other surveys, this focuses on the true cash income and expenditure of […]

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