Monthly Archives: May 2012

31 May

“I want a little Nasty” Klinsmann or Popovich

I am shocked at how naive many commenters are regarding Klinsmann’s comments where he used the words ‘naive’ and ‘nasty’

30 May

Euros may be in trouble. Poland ok, but Ukraine is a mess.

Not since the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow and the 1984 Winter Games in Sarajevo has Eastern Europe staged a

21 May

Nice Coaches are Evil by draining the potential from their players

Beware of Nice Coaches If a Coach Is nice, and friendly, and available. And never gives you the fierce criticism

18 May

Women’s Professional Soccer in Europe draws 50,000 fans

Women’s pro soccer may be struggling in the United States, but it’s growing in Europe. A record crowd of 50,212

18 May

Women’s Professional Soccer ended in the US because of stupidity and greed.

The Women’s Professional Soccer league has folded after three seasons. The league had canceled the 2012 season in January, at