Real Madrid a disgrace to soccer

A hugely talented team that cost more to put together than almost any two other teams in the UEFA Champions League – Real Madrid. On the other hand as half time neared a stat I saw flashed across the screen was that Bayern had 64% of the possession. Why does the self-proclaimed most-talented-team-in-the-galaxy refuse to use their talent to play soccer?

The beautiful game should be protected and cherished. The most talented team aught to be able to play it. Why then do they disgrace themselves, Spanish football, and soccer as a whole by not even attempting to play until over time?

Remember that goalie for Shalke that Manchester United thrashed in last year’s Champions League semi finals? Ya, that guy stopped penalties from the most expensive players in the world.

Kaka: 65 million euros, Ronaldo: 94 million euros. Being German in a penalty shootout: Priceless

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