“English Disease” Alive and well – On the field.

In a not so distant past English teams were banned from European competition because their fans were spreading mayhem in the stands. Now we have an English team spreading that same mayhem on the field. Should the same measures be used to punish the offenders?

What a disgusting display by Chelsea. Showing that the ‘English Disease’ is alive and well on the field. In a replication to what happened in the World Cup final one team refused to even attempt to play soccer. Much has been made of the need to play by the spirit of the rules and not just the letter, but until it is enforced…

Terry, Lampard, Cole should have had straight reds. Ramierez, Ivanovic, and Mierles should have been off the field with multiple yellows (maybe Drogba as well – although he played very well).

The Refs need to step up and end the farce. All the talk of the beautiful game and no follow through.

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