NCAA to advance beyond the 1990′s?!

It has always been strange to need to tell high school students not to text or use facebook, but that is what NCAA coaches (NAIA coaches haven’t had to worry) are instructed to tell potential recruits. As a club and high school coach it has been difficult to get teens to respond to e-mail or pick up the phone (their parents prefer these mediums). However, they all want to message on facebook or respond to a text instantly.

As a college coach it is difficult to connect when I have experienced immersion in the world of full contact with my teams. A friend of a current player is thinking of joining friend request on facebook and add them to the team group so they can see the latest info about the team. Follow up with a quick text to make sure I found the correct profile and ask if they have questions… This is how teens respond. Literally have tracked a player down in person and asked about an e-mail that needed a response and been told they only check e-mail once a month. For teens e-mail is done.

Finally, the NCAA is going to look at the texting (for sure) and social media (maybe) use of coaches in the recruiting process. It’s about time.

“At Saturday’s Division III Business Session at the JW Marriott, delegates will vote on as many as 10 proposals, including the recommendation from the Division III Management Council to allow electronically transmitted correspondence between prospects and coaches (excluding social media) to be regulated according to the same standard as telephone, email and fax correspondence.

A more expansive text-messaging proposal that would have included social media is expected to be withdrawn by the sponsoring conferences (the Little East Conference and the St. Louis Intercollegiate Athletic Conference). Both proposals have been in the legislative cycle since July, but the Division III governance structure, including the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, has consistently backed the version that doesn’t include social media. ”

Now if we could get those companies to stop asking about faxes. That went out in the 80′s.

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