The End of High School Athletics?

Previously, I have worked for a public school district that cut all coaching stipends. This led to a number of coaches leaving positions because they were unable to survive on their remaining income and had to switch jobs. This seems like the worst place to cut minimal amounts of money ($2000 stipends) because research shows athletic coaches to be the most influential people on a young person’s life connected to a school. If a school is in the business of influencing youth then they should keep the most influential people and take care to hire the best. If they are merely a babysitting service till the youth turn 18 then cut away.

The topic has come up several times before, during, and after my time in that school district that public schools are going to have to cut athletics alltogether or make it a pay-for-play proposition. One AD I spoke to estimated that in 10 years school sports will be a thing of the past; another estimated 20 years. In New Jersey the Hudson County schools have cut all athletics. They now only offer intramurals. Of course there is contravesy in that they spent $850,000 to expand the gym after cutting athletics. Reminds me of another community that was having budget issues (West Lafayette, IN). They spent `$1 million to build an elementary school gym and then closed the school the following year. Maybe if school administrators were schooled in running businesses then these issues wouldn’t happen. Or…. you know… used common sense.

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