Is the UNC women’s Dynasty over?

University of North Carolina is a synonymous with women’s soccer. The name is a goal for thousands of young girls and strikes fear in the hearts of opponents, but it all may be fading. The first sign of the oncoming autumn is the declining rate of championship trophies gathered in Chapel Hill. Next to go is the trademarked UNC formation that was switched this year to a 4-2-3-1, which is the current strategy of most of the world’s top club teams and national teams for the past 5 years. Have struggles led to a loss of identity?

UC continues to do many things right. Good athletes, skilled fearless hungry players, and graduation rates. But it has been evident the past 5 years that they are now no longer THE dominant force in women’s college soccer. Carolina’s first ever loss in the 24-year history of the ACC Tournament came last week – their trademark mental toughness and tournament victories go hand-in-hand. The Tar Heels finished the regular season with an 11-5-1 mark, equaling the most losses in a single season in UNC history. Their three-match losing streak is now the longest ever.

There will be more National Championships, no doubt, but as the autumn lingers those resurgent summer weekends come further apart. Now it is time to find out if Dorrance and Palladino (the Clough and Taylor of college soccer) can do more than recruit and lecture. The overwhleming advantages they have enjoyed for decades are fading – Can they Coach?

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