Monthly Archives: November 2011

15 Nov

The End of High School Athletics?

Previously, I have worked for a public school district that cut all coaching stipends. This led to a number of

09 Nov

Genetic Testing to Determine What Sport you are Best Suited for Playing

Setting aside the ethical complications and issues with genetic testing it is interesting to consider if it is possible to

02 Nov

Social Media Profiles Matter to Coaches and Managers

Came across this infographic about the importance of social media in the job search via an e-mail from my graduate

01 Nov

Next ManU coach is winning

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is a Manchester Legend and a favorite player of mine for his impact as a supersub and

01 Nov

Is the UNC women’s Dynasty over?

University of North Carolina is a┬ásynonymous with women’s soccer. The name is a goal for thousands of young girls and