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The End of High School Athletics?

November 15th, 2011Posted by BJ Pheasant

Previously, I have worked for a public school district that cut all coaching stipends. This led to a number of coaches leaving positions because they were unable to survive on their remaining income and had to switch jobs. This seems like the worst place to cut minimal amounts of money ($2000 stipends) because research shows […]

Genetic Testing to Determine What Sport you are Best Suited for Playing

November 9th, 2011Posted by BJ Pheasant

Setting aside the ethical complications and issues with genetic testing it is interesting to consider if it is possible to have genetics show what sport(s) a person would be good at. The science behind the tests is varied and arguments have been made for and against. A simpler test is to look at finger length. […]

Social Media Profiles Matter to Coaches and Managers

November 2nd, 2011Posted by BJ Pheasant

Came across this infographic about the importance of social media in the job search via an e-mail from my graduate school (IU) career counselor and thought I would post it.

Next ManU coach is winning

November 1st, 2011Posted by BJ Pheasant

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is a Manchester Legend and a favorite player of mine for his impact as a supersub and his winning personality (pun intended). He also has one of the best names for a forward, Gunnar, and best terrace songs sung to the tune You Are My Sunshine. Unfortunately injuries plagued him for much […]

Is the UNC women’s Dynasty over?

November 1st, 2011Posted by BJ Pheasant

University of North Carolina is a synonymous with women’s soccer. The name is a goal for thousands of young girls and strikes fear in the hearts of opponents, but it all may be fading. The first sign of the oncoming autumn is the declining rate of championship trophies gathered in Chapel Hill. Next to go is the […]

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