Middle East Peace Process is now Over – Bob Bradley hired as Egyptian National Team Coach

Typical American college coach Bob Bradley was recently hired as the Egyption Men’s Natinal Team coach. The decision to hire a coach that is all about athletic ability, size, discipline, and workrate – all are fine characteristics for any sport, but notice nothing being said about soccer ability, skill, or flair – is doomed to long-term failure. It may have taken the Egyptian people 30 years to riot against their previous dictator, Mubarak, but it won’t take nearly so long for them to voice their displeasure at the play of their Men’s National Team. They rioted and nearly broke into the bus of the Algerian team on the way to the final 2009 World Cup Qualifying game. After a few tepid displays on the field they will be rioting against the USA and blaming the USA for underining their team and the pride of the Egyptian people. The Middle East Peace process would be crocked.

On the other hand I could be wrong. Perhaps Bob Bradley will be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize by December. It would be only fair as he will have accomplished as much for world peace in his first two months as Obama had when he was nominated. And both will have the same dismal long-term results and make a laughingstock of the USA i ntheir respective fields.

There are jobs Bradley would be fit for with his coaching style with Scandenavian countries coming to mind. Before his contract was renewed it seemed he was a thought for the Fulham job. I could see him  in that capacity leading a team that focuses on defense and counterattacking. He was also mentioned for the Aston Villa job, but that would not have matched his style because they are a possession and flair team.

This time around he was mentioned for Greece (would fit his style) and a Mexican club Santos (would not fit his style). He instead opted for for Eygpt, which has a similar profile to Santos in terms of playing style and a significantly less friendly fan base (especially if you discount the drug cartels). He will have to radically change his coaching style to win over fans. Bringing some stability and organization to a flair based team can help improve results in the short term, but in the long-term you end up losing those passionate displays of soccer prowess. The fans expect to see winning with style not just winning.

I am afraid that the fate of American soccer coaches abroad will be judged by the performance of Bob Bradley. And I fear that it will be a setback that doesn’t see another American receive the opportunity to coach abroad for 20 years.

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