MLS attendance outdrawing the competition – Baseball and College Football

I few months ago there was a study released that showed that MLS attendance – on a per game average – was in third place among pro sports. NFL Football #1 with MLB #2 MLS #3 and the NBA dropping to #4.

New data from this season suggests that the MLS is making inroads in pro baseball. Of course, baseball has many more games so the overall attendance will be higher, but on a per game basis pro soccer is winning. Example: Seattle with admittedly poor baseball, but still………Seattle Sounders drew ~37k fans while the Seattle Mariners drew ~23k at the same time.

In college football in the state of Utah the rivalry between BYU and Utah is intense. But the MLS club of Real Salt Lake sold out its game with standing room only of ~20k. This is at the same time as a sold out rivalry game (byu v utah) in college football and another nearby college getting ~8k fans.

Soccer is arriving as an economic force in pro sports.

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