Manchester United Celebrates 1 year on Facebook?

Wow! When I first read this article talking about the ‘news’ I thought I might have been reading the The Onion – a satirical news site. Good for Manu that they have acquired 16 million+ fans, but only one year?

Football directors are an insulated and often inexperienced lot. Each new owner fills seats with his pals and, of course, after working at one club you couldn’t possibly go work for another. This means a high turnover rate in the directors box, a lack of experience, and little transfer of knowledge or experience between clubs. ManU was one of the first to buck the trend and hire an experienced merchandiser (outside of football) to operate their team shop and merchandising enterprises. This forward thinking action resulted in a professional operation that coincided with the rise of the Reds as a global phenomena.

How is it then that they missed the FB ‘fad’ until now? I have questioned the NCAA for their rules restricting texting and social media. Why? Because the youth only text and don’t actually phone. And they don’t e-mail they message on social media sites. It seems like Manchester United’s media experts aren’t keeping up.

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