Controversy at the WWC – North Korea and Equatorial Guinea

North Korea

It appears that FIFA stands for slavery and genocide since they allow North Korea to participate in international sport.

Recent articles have shown that the average height of a NK on the street is 6 inches shorter than a South Korean. They were the same people/genetics in recent history, so this is clearly a case of the starvation of an entire country. As profiled in a Slate article as a nation of racists dwarves. Punishments are harsh and ridiculous. The NK men’s coach was sent to a labor camp after the men’s WC last year.

Why is the women’s team allowed to participate. The roster that showed up to Germany had numerous players making their 3rd cap or some other low number. Obviously, it was not the same roster that earned a good world ranking and qualified for the tournament. Was it the other roster that was struck by lightening? Perhaps the failed drug tests for tree sap or frog blood or whatever are symptoms that a doping error was made for so many players on the previous roster that they had to switch players? FIFA has never ordered an entire team to be tested after 2 players failed. We end up with at least 5 players on the roster failing.

Equatorial Guinea

FIFA’s rules on national team formation make a farce of nationality. I believe that you should play for the country you were born in, with obvious exceptions for children of diplomats or other clear reasons for being born in a different country. Many countries try to get around poor development structure by paying/bribing secondary players from other countries to switch nationalities. 

Many countries, such as Qatar and Equatorial Guinea, use the lax and laughable nationalization rules allowed by FIFA. However, EG wasn’t even able to stick to those guidelines as 4 or their top 5 players did not make the trip to the WWC in Germany. Why? Because they were naturalised too quickly. It was rumored that several players first foot on EG soil was to play a ‘home’ match in WC qualifying.

In addition to naturalization questions it appears there aren’t enough secondary players in women’s soccer to effectively cheat. So, EG choose men to play on the women’s team.

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