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A New Model for the US WNT and National Team Soccer in the USA

July 20th, 2011Posted by BJ Pheasant

It has become clear in recent World Cups that merely gathering the best players produced by a nation (or induced and given citizenship) is not a clear way to maximize performance on the National Team level. Those joining the national team must quickly learn to play together, learn each others preferred methods, and areas on […]

The Future of the Women’s Game – Post WWC Analysis

July 20th, 2011Posted by BJ Pheasant

WWC GERMANY Congratulations to the German crowds they have been allowed and have sold out a number of games even though Germany was knocked out unexpectedly. My impression is that the country has done an excellent job of organizing and hosting the Women’s World Cup. I can only wish I could have been there. MEDIA […]

USA versus Japan Women’s World Cup Pregame Thoughts

July 17th, 2011Posted by BJ Pheasant

USA USA can possess against Japan because they defend in numbers through compactness not through individual physical pressure.  The psychological advantage should be an advantage for the US because they think that they are good. They also beat Japan’s soundly multiple times in the run up to the tournament. Granted it was during the tsunami […]

Controversy at the WWC – North Korea and Equatorial Guinea

July 15th, 2011Posted by BJ Pheasant

North Korea It appears that FIFA stands for slavery and genocide since they allow North Korea to participate in international sport. Recent articles have shown that the average height of a NK on the street is 6 inches shorter than a South Korean. They were the same people/genetics in recent history, so this is clearly […]

Manchester United Celebrates 1 year on Facebook?

July 13th, 2011Posted by BJ Pheasant

Wow! When I first read this article talking about the ‘news’ I thought I might have been reading the The Onion – a satirical news site. Good for Manu that they have acquired 16 million+ fans, but only one year? Football directors are an insulated and often inexperienced lot. Each new owner fills seats with […]

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