Women’s World Cup opening game

Watching the second half of Germany vs Canada with attendance of 73,680.

Several questions: Why are there announcers with a British accent announcing soccer on American television (online on ESPN3 in my case)? Second, the main announcer is very dismissive of the female players ‘little’ this and ‘not men’ that. Third, terrible female announcer. Why do we force an ex-player into an announcing role when they are clearly not suited. Fourth, what is up the german coach and canadian coach, twins?

Germany looks tough – constant 5v4 on attack, but very wasteful with several shots off the bar (what is Canada doing?). 675 minutes unscored on in WWC play. That is 2003 since they gave a up a goal till a sweet free kick from Christine Sinclair from Canada. So many attacking options for Germany, ridiculous. We need to be looking at Germany’s development system.

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