Monthly Archives: June 2011

26 Jun

France renovating Stadiums for Euro2016 with UEFA in charge

I recently came across a detailed blog posting about the renovation of  French soccer stadiums for Euro2016. The first thing

26 Jun

Women’s World Cup opening game

Watching the second half of Germany vs Canada with attendance of 73,680. Several questions: Why are there announcers with a

25 Jun

Gold Cup Final: USA vs Mexico

Watched with friends and without a notebook. Will watch again for analysis. Embarrassing for the US to be up 2-0

22 Jun

extra soccer books for sale

My loss is your gain. Amazon somehow duplicated (and charged me) for soccer books I ordered and wouldn’t refund. I

18 Jun

Greatest players in the history of the Women’s World Cup

While the Women’s World Cup has only been around since 1991, it has seen its share of dominating players. With