Who is the Best Manager in the World today?

NSCAA facebook page asked the question. Here was my response.

There are many styles of coaching, so it would be difficult to pick just one.

When you think classic coaches Alex Ferguson has to be at the top, with Guus Hiddink second (needs to stick around more) and Louis VanGaal third (prickly personality doesn’t help him stick around).

Attacking soccer would start with Cruyff and his founding of the Barcelona style of play and youth commitment (current Barca coaches like Rykard and Guardiola are just continuing someone else’s work), second would be Wenger at Arsenal because he also founded a dynasty with attacking soccer and youth development, and with would be Rangnick who guided Hoffeinheim to the Bundesliga with attractive soccer (unfortunately he quite over transfer policy disputes and now is at Schalke)

Mourinho (learned under vanGaal) admitted it himself a couple weeks ago he is not a good soccer coach he is just a winning coach. The disgraceful performances of his teams bear this out.

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