water buffalo video inspires basketball team

If the Hornets’ Game 4 victory winds up as the turning point in one of the biggest first-round upsets in NBA playoff history we’ll have to reflect on the role YouTube, buffaloes and lions played in the reversal.

On the off day after Game 3, after the Hornets had fallen behind two games to one, Hornets coach Monty Williams showed his team The Battle of Kruger Park, a video that has been viewed more than 60 million times on YouTube but was still new to players such as Jarrett Jack and Carl Landry.

The team watched the entire clip, a video last more than eight minutes shot by tourists on safari who happened to catch a pride of lions attacking an African buffalo calf, interrupted by a crocodile crawling out of the water in an attempt to snatch the prey. Suddenly a herd of buffalo appears, stomping in to toss the lions aside and rescue the calf, which somehow survived the ordeal.

The Hornets responded by winning Game 4.

So what should we term the video? Motivational? Inspirational?

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