26 Apr

CHampions League review ManU v Schalke

I was going to write up a review of each of the Champions League semi final games, but the first one was boring. It looked like a Varsity team in a training match with a Jr Varsity team. Herr Professor Rangnick, formerly of my favorite Bundesliga side – Hoffenheim, apparently wasn’t able to strategize or motivate his side enough.

Here is a semifinal profile comparing the teams to the final four in college basketball.

Anyone who thought the NCAA’s little four-team basketball tournament in Houston earlier this month was a major sporting event might want to consider what’s taking place this week in Germany and Spain.

The world’s foremost tournament for professional soccer clubs, the UEFA Champions League, is down to its own final four, and it contains something that March Madness conspicuously lacked: a clash among three colossal powers.