Why hire a Brit when we could get a winner?

When Sporting Kansas City opens the season this weekend, it will have a new soccer-specific name, a soon-to-open soccer-specific stadium and, now, a soccer-specific voice. Callum Williams is the team’s lead announcer and presenter for the team’s TV broadcasts. It is  a touching story about how he landed the job, but there are several thousand broadcast communication grads in the US every year and I am sure some of them played, enjoy and would like to be the voice of a team.

Why spoil our league by choosing the snobbish option that shows a lack of soccer knowledge from the administration? At least pick announcers from countries that produce wining soccer – germany or brazil – or beautiful soccer spain or netherlands (recent WC final excepted). These announcers and coaches may have actual knowledge that the Brits have proven by their track record they do not have. If we want soccer to get better we need to look for role models that are better than US.

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