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Sponsors driving player decisions in Liverpool?

March 31st, 2011Posted by BJ Pheasant

A Liverpool sponsor wants to have better advertising in the Asian market where they do business. Nothing wrong with that in general, but now they are telling the club they need to sign asian players. I presume this also means playing those same asian players or it would be pointless to have them on the […]

Census 2010 data finally being released!

March 31st, 2011Posted by BJ Pheasant

Now I can do an update on my Youth Soccer Capitalization Rate research (note: sarcasm). But it is interesting to see the changes and whether or not they mirror the estimates that occur in the intervening 10 years between official Census takers knocking on the door. Here is an article with some pretty colors in […]

Will Spanish soccer go on strike?

March 30th, 2011Posted by BJ Pheasant

In other words they need to follow the german model. People wondered where the Bundesliga went as far as success in international club competitions? And, there was a dip in results. But now most european leagues in in major crisis while the german teams are enjoying a renaissance with full stadiums reasonably paid players, and […]

college basketball reaps what it sows

March 29th, 2011Posted by BJ Pheasant

This is the same problem that baseball and soccer have been facing for awhile. Veteran teams that play together can overcome youthful stars because the best players go pro or leave school early. It creates a ripple that lowers the quality of the game at the college level. And requires coaches to coach differently. ————— […]

Elimination of NCAA scholarships – Ralph Nader says yes

March 26th, 2011Posted by BJ Pheasant

This would certainly create a major change in college athletics. It would also force higher grades for college athletes so they could qualify for need based aid, right? Ralph Nader is calling for the elimination of college athletic scholarships, saying the move is necessary to “de-professionalize” college athletes.” As we near the exciting conclusion of […]

Coaches must continue to Learn

March 26th, 2011Posted by BJ Pheasant

What Butler basketball’s Brad Stevens figured out early in his career is this: He must continue to learn. He must reach out to his coaching brethren and search out solutions to problems that can persist throughout the course of the season. It’s hard to remember now, but there was a time not long ago that […]

Qatar stealing ideas from the Simpsons?

March 25th, 2011Posted by BJ Pheasant

Qatar is working on their promise to keep the WC stadiums cool in the middle of summer. Now the Qataris have announced another cool twist to their hospitality – an artificial cloud to hover above the stadium and provide shade. The head of mechanical and industrial engineering at Qatar University said the cloud would be […]

Is boring good?

March 23rd, 2011Posted by BJ Pheasant

The Wisconsin Badgers play tough, sound man-to-man defense. They are a disciplined team that plays within a system. They aren’t terribly flashy. You don’t see a lot of cool alley-oop dunks out of fast breaks. Boring? Or are we just so obtuse these days that good, fundamentally sound basketball makes us yawn? or Does this […]

Ochocinco would be more of a draw than Beckham

March 22nd, 2011Posted by BJ Pheasant

I think that this publicity stunt and if he can actually have a chance will make more of an impact on youth and adult attitudes towards soccer than Beckham. He is from the ‘big brother’ sport of american football and can legitimize soccer by showing the difficulty of the skills involved in soccer. If he […]

Why hire a Brit when we could get a winner?

March 17th, 2011Posted by BJ Pheasant

When Sporting Kansas City opens the season this weekend, it will have a new soccer-specific name, a soon-to-open soccer-specific stadium and, now, a soccer-specific voice. Callum Williams is the team’s lead announcer and presenter for the team’s TV broadcasts. It is  a touching story about how he landed the job, but there are several thousand […]

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