sports journalists are 10 years late to the party

Interesting article that is 10 years behind the times. Is it any wonder that old school journalists are going out of business.

“Everyone in sports journalism, they said, must be flexible and willing to try any new reporting tools or methods offered to them. But the industry itself must also be able to adapt to different systems of delivery, as social media and new technology offer different ways to bring news to consumers.

“There’s no one who doesn’t touch another platform,” USA Today Managing Editor for Sports Monte Lorell said of his staff.

Lorell said his organization is constantly trying to be innovative when it comes to using digital methods of reporting, and several panelists mentioned the growing prevalence of tablets and iPads, which can change that delivery system.
Mary Byrne, deputy sports editor for The Associated Press, agreed, pointing to the fact that new methods of news consumption – tablets, Twitter, Facebook – have diversified readership. It’s now the job of any news organization not just to offer the news, but to be able to tailor it to as many different methods of delivery as possible.

“They want it in the form that they want it,” Byrne said of potential consumers.”

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