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Female athletes that could snap you like a twig

February 12th, 2011Posted by BJ Pheasant

#10 on the list is Julie Kedzie with a Bloomington, IN connection. People spend a lot of time talking about the hottest women in sports, but of course there is a totally different facet to female athletes that merits discussion – many of them could beat the crap out of you. Men may have a [...]

240 points will get you to a girls basketball game

February 11th, 2011Posted by BJ Pheasant

Think that it is common sense that high scoring is more exciting? Think again with some help from Paul Gardner. “Most coaches — I won’t say all, there must be exceptions — find nothing wrong with any of this. They seem totally unperturbed by the decline of attacking play. And they seem not to notice [...]

Is there too much Real Madrid v Barcelona?

February 10th, 2011Posted by BJ Pheasant

Not every RM game will end with a scintillating Barca victory. They play 4 times in the next couple months (potentially). How can that frequent a play be considered special (or Classico) and how bad is the rest of the Spanish league that these two meet all the time? ———————– From an interesting article on [...]

Science behind Soccer Substitutions

February 9th, 2011Posted by BJ Pheasant

The following a short article printed in the WSJ. I am still looking for the actual study. ——————————- The pace and flow of soccer generally make it difficult for managers to affect the outcome of a match once it begins. Since soccer has almost no stoppages for coaches to draw on clipboards or strategize with [...]

Why do teams play better after a coaching change?

February 7th, 2011Posted by BJ Pheasant

There is a bump in record that is common after a coaching change. A team can be more relaxed and feel free of the rules imposed by the former coach. But then again talent wins out and the rules of the new coach are enforced. Hence a winning bump for the team, but not always [...]

Is parity good for soccer leagues?

February 4th, 2011Posted by BJ Pheasant

This has been discussed in the book Soccernomics and other places. The conclusion as shown by attendance stats is that parity is bad. The real question is why do leagues chase it? ————————– The MLS and parity is the topic of the following article. It’s an age-old discussion. Do you prefer a league dominated by [...]

NFL jerseys redesigned as soccer jerseys

February 2nd, 2011Posted by BJ Pheasant

A student, Jimmy Nutini, decided to take NFL jersey designs and turn them into soccer jerseys. I love some of the looks and others not so much.

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