All Hail to David Moyes

David Moyes is one of the best managers in the game. But it will take a traditional end-of-season run to bring Everton back up the EPL table. He is looking tired.

I believe he may be the next ManU manger and would be a good choice. His willingness to move beyond the traditional ‘British’ approaches to training have brought good results with minimal cash infusion. The potential decline of Everton mentioned is more likely be due to the untenable economics in big time soccer rather than Moyes. His tiredness may be from trying to carry the load alone. Note how Ferguson rejuvenated himself by bringing in and giving large responsibility to a 1st team manager.

If Moyes finds a strong #2 to help him out and finds a couple morep layers from the youth system, like Rodwell, then this will only be a false alarm. Otherwise, he may be out for a year and come back as Rangers coach or perhaps a national team somewhere?

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