240 points will get you to a girls basketball game

Think that it is common sense that high scoring is more exciting? Think again with some help from Paul Gardner.

“Most coaches — I won’t say all, there must be exceptions — find nothing wrong with any of this. They seem totally unperturbed by the decline of attacking play. And they seem not to notice the relentless decrease in the number of goals scored (in South Africa, the average number of goals per game was 2.3, the second lowest ever for a World Cup). Rather the opposite. We are asked to believe that the game is getting better. Really, now? The fewer the goals the better the game? Perfection presumably arrives when super-coaching manages to banish goals altogether.

That happy day will call for one final monster coaches convention at which they can honor themselves for a most remarkable achievement: that of turning soccer into the first sport to coach itself into oblivion.”

A girls high school basketball game in Iowa went to two overtimes and a combined 240 points. And to think that at one point Iowa only allowed girls to play in half a court because it was too strenuous to play full court. But if it wasn’t for the score you wouldn’t have heard about it.


At the end of the night, however, all individual statistics were dwarfed in significance by the sheer magnitude of having two girls basketball teams battle out a game with 100 points for each side. The two teams finished regulation tied at 100, meaning they each averaged more than three points per minute for the first four quarters.

Yet 100 points is hardly a watershed total for Gladbrook-Reinbeck, The System perfected by Division III’s Grinnell College in Grinnell, Iowa, near Rinebeck.

The system encourages players to take 3-pointers on fast breaks, swaps five-player units in and out of games, full court press, and only shoot three pointers in an attempt to wear out opponents.


I have personally driven eight hours through a snowstorm, thankfully a friend was willing to be picked up en route, to watch Grinnell play. Offense drives attendance and interest in a sport. The league doing the best financially (because of rules imposed) and attendance is Germany. no surprise they have the highest goals per game average of any major league in soccer.

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