Monthly Archives: February 2011

28 Feb

What does someone from Philly think of living in Barcelona?

Interesting article comparing sports and life between Barcelona and Philadelphia.

28 Feb

Arsenal is 0 for 1 so far

Earlier I posted that Wenger thought Arsenal could get four trophies this season. My response was 1. Well, they lost

24 Feb

The Effect of the Women’s World Cup in Germany

This summer, women’s soccer is set to take center stage. The 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup will ensure that the

24 Feb

Where has World Cup Hero O’Brien go?

Injuries derailed the career of John O’Brien. “O’Brien had long been a favorite with fans for his exploits with Dutch

21 Feb

Roma is on the skids

Bank owned Roma was not allowed to buy players during the January transfer window. Now with a losing streak it