RIP Scott Lang: following his dreams

Scott follow your dream – RIP


Scott Lang was 41 years old when he died last month. He was not married. He had no children. He spent almost all of his adult life as the basketball coach at La Roche College, a tiny Division III school in the north hills just above Pittsburgh. He had an apartment and eventually a house but he might as well have lived in his office at the Kerr Fitness and Sports Center, the one he kept tidy with each picture perfectly lined on the wall and every file in order on his desk.

Because it was in this office and the gym just outside where he was happiest; where he could be found until well after midnight watching tapes of opposing teams, washing uniforms and endlessly searching for the perfect drills to use in the following day’s practice.

Some men are lucky like this. They discover what they love and they never leave.

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