Happy New Year and how coaches can try to avoid a false rape charge

Most of the time there is no (sexual) contact from a coach or administrator prior to a false charge – it is a power tool used in retaliation, but that doesn’t stop them from being considered guilty and tarnishing their reputation till proven innocent. This leads to the current spate of of often ridiculous rules that are used to try and avoid any potential situation where there can be an accusation. The problem with this that those making a false claim don’t need a situation. They just say something happened and watch the guy get tarred and feathered while their name is kept anonymous and they are mostly safe from repercussions when found out. Even the best coaches (Anson Dorrance from the greatest team Dynasty in soccer at North Carolina was accused a number of years ago) are not immune. It causes great problems in group dynamics when a coach has to worry about things besides the job at hand.

Sometimes there is nothing an innocent guy can do to avoid a false rape claim. Sometimes he is just in the wrong place at the wrong time. But a significant number of false rape claims can be avoided by exercising caution and staying clear of situations where the likelihood of a false rape claim is enhanced.

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